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Thai Yoga Massage level 1 in Ghent april 2017 with Thierry Bienfaisant

For both the giver and receiver, Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred dance, a meditation in movement
It is a transformative and healing journey, A deep experience on the way we move, interact, communicate and the way we touch.

The core of this 5 days program : Foundations, principles and structure of Thai Yoga Massage focus on the principles of beeing : Presence – Attention and Intention

The course is inspired by the Dhamma and by the instruction of two Thai Massage masters: Chayuth – dynamic, rhythmic style and Pichet – static, deep, focussing on the importance of feeling.
The combination of this two influences of the northern style of thai massage offers a holistic experience, a sacred dance…

The practice engages a state of meditation where deep stretches inspired by asanas are rhythmically applied along with pressure on sen lines of the body. Healing occurs in a state of mindfulness, equanimity, compassion and shared happiness, where tensions are released and the free flow of energy resumes.


Description of the course

Each day we travel from the feet to the head with demonstrations, theory and practice time. Instruction manuals are provided.

• History and roots of Traditional Thai Massage

• Essential principles for the practitioner: harmony and tranquillity in movement, posture, rhythm, coordination and breathing

• Indications and contraindications of the techniques

• Locating and working on the energy lines


9.00 to 9.30 (optional) Meditation
09.30 – 12.45: Thai Yoga Massage
12.45- 14.00: Lunch & break
14.00 – 17.30: Thai Yoga Massage

Thierry Bienfaisant

Thierry, originally from Brussels, is is a recognised international teacher authorized by the Thai Healling Alliance – is the founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage – THERAPY THAI MASSAGE .
Thierry offers diverse courses and retreats for all levels of practitioners in Belgium and abroad since 2010.
His passion for movement, rhythm, balance and bio-dynamics led him in 2002 to the art of Thai Yoga Massage, it was the birth of a long journey of self transformation and ongoing education .
While living in Pacific – Asia, until 2010, he completed 3 years of training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
Spending most the time between Australia, india and thailand, dedicated to deepen his studies and search between eastern and western knowledge.
Including silence retreats, yoga and latelly a deep connection with Swami Atmananda followed by Moojie, touching spirituel teachers offering satsangs and teachings on the non-dual essence of Reality (Advaita) and the nature of spiritual Awakening.


• Module : Basic 1

First weekend: 3 days

15 – 17 april ( monday 17 april is official day off )

Second weekend: 2 days

29 -30 april


Lov’d (Herbatheek) Aaigemstraat 10a, 9000 Gent (nearby St-Pieter Trainstation)


450 eur early bird before
( the price include the teachings & manuals )

490 eur after this date


Bring your own lunch and cutlery. You may use the studio kitchen to keep your lunch fresh in fridge and to warm your foods. You will find healthy restaurants nearby the studio.

Contact Organisation & registration

Joachim Meire

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