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Inner Yoga Intensive with David H. Wagner in Gent 4-5 Nov 2017

There’s so much more to Yoga than Downward-facing-dog. Millions of people practice Yoga every day around the world, but relatively few are able to enjoy the deep, life-changing fruits of the “inner” practices of Yoga such as meditation, chanting, ego work, and self-inquiry. David Harshada Wagner is on a mission to change this and offer the practice and teachings of Inner Yoga to people all over the world. Inner Yoga practices and teachings are rooted in the mystical tradition of yoga, but presented and taught in a very contemporary and relevant way. Many modern Yoga practitioners are ready to go deeper, to learn more, to root their practice in the traditions of yoga and dive into the next level of personal transformation.

Saturday 4 th November 10h – 12:30h
Inner Yoga Intensive Module One: The Deep Basics

In this 2,5 h workshop, Harshada will share with us the core teachings and lead us through the core practices of Inner Yoga including

  • sitting meditation
  • simple, powerful prānāyāma techniques
  • the process of spiritual evolution and transformation
  • inner yoga as a path of healing

The session will be deep and interactive. Harshada’s teaching style is disarmingly informal but the insights and exercises he shares are designed to give you the direct experience of what he’s teaching and initiate you into deepest secrets of the ancient tradition of yoga. This module is recommended but not not required as a prerequisite for the other modules. It will be a deep workshop but is open to all levels.

Saturday 4th November 14h-16h30
Inner Yoga Intensive Module Two: KundalinĪ Shakti

This workshop will focus on the ancient and often times secret teachings about the innate spiritual power in people known as kundalinĪ. Harshada will share the tantric teachings related to kundalinĪ, its awakening, and other teachings and practices related to traditional kundalinĪ yoga such as:

  • kundalinĪ meditation
  • The subtle body and it’s channels
  • The chakras and how they relate to meditation
  • The process of kundalinĪ awakening and the healing purification process related to it.

The session will be deep and experiential. Please refrain from using drugs or alcohol before this workshop and eat lightly. It will be a deep workshop but is open to all levels.

Sunday 5th November 10h-12h30
Inner Yoga Intensive Module Three: The Power of Mantra

In this workshop, Harshada will initiate us into the practice of mantra, drawing on thousands of years of teachings from various yoga traditions, teaching and guiding us step-by-step into powerful inner technologies including:

  • silent mantra repetition for meditation
  • out-loud mantra repetition
  • the practice of nāmasankĪrtana (musical devotional chanting of mantras)
  • teachings about mātrikā shakti, the power of language

This session is a great one for people who have no experience with mantra and also for mantra yoga lovers. Harshada’s insights and approach are both unique and deeply traditional, giving us a practice which is easy and practice and also deeply mystical and transformative.

Sunday 5th November 14h-16h30
Inner Yoga Intensive Module Four: Your Questions, Your Practice.

All of Harshada’s modules are interactive, but he offers this one solely to answer your important questions as well as frequently asked questions. He will guide meditations and lead exercises related to questions and make space to uncover and investigate whatever needs to be discussed to help everyone get the very most out of their practice of Inner Yoga. Participation in other modules is recommended but not required to participate in this module.

Who is David Harshada Wagner
David Harshada Wagner is an author, meditation teacher, and transformational guide who has dedicated his life to the exploration of human consciousness. He is the founder and director of Living Meditation, based in New York City and travels widely working with people from all walks of life from all over the world.
Wagner is on the faculties of Kripalu and Omega institutes where he regularly offers retreats and workshops, and is one of the most viewed teachers on the very popular
He began his teaching career early as a yoga and meditation teacher in Chicago almost 20 years ago and since become a truly unique and highly marketable “teacher of the people”. Wagner’s teaching style is disarmingly informal and friendly, but has the ability to take people into deep levels of self-exploration. His speaking and writing style is conversational and he’s not shy about throwing in the occasional four letter word. Some have referred to his specialty as “no bullshit spirituality”. In a industry of lofty gurus and soft-spoken new age workshop leaders, Wagner stands out with his no-nonsense, all-American style.
Wagner is classically trained in the wisdom traditions of India, and is a master of meditation, but his teachings come from his many years helping people transform their lives and his own personal process of transformation.
When he’s not teaching or writing, Wagner enjoys motorcycling and being a dad. Currently he is authoring a book on their spiritual lives of men.

Practical info

Saturday 4th of November 2017
morning session: 10am- 12:30 pm
afternoon session: 2 pm – 4:30 pm 

Sunday 5th of November 2017
morning session: 10am- 12:30 pm
afternoon session: 2 pm – 4:30 pm

one session: € 35*
all sessions: € 125*
*(price excl. €1 transaction fee & card payment commission)

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